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Picnic Party eassy for fsc class

ایم کیو ایم پاکستان میں


 What a life if full of care
        We have no time to stay and stare

The above verse completely personify old day to day life. we declare be converted into hence to a great extent busJ in 

how lots of living you own in your existence but how a great deal animation you come up with in folks years. 1 enjoy oM such 
memorable familiarity of a picnic faction which I would like to narTate for you. 

picinic splinter group at Jahangir's Tomb. The key subscribers to the gather were Razi Abdi who stood frrst 
aggregate and Zulqamain Quershi who feared failure, but was promoted. Others who participated in the company contributed Rs. 300 each. Duties in relation with building arTangements were distributed. Ism# 
took upon himself to pose for a grill eard three chickens. Jabbar ran to the bazzar to bring, crockery, 
kettle and other utensils. Farasat and I quickly finished for the promote to grasp fkuit, meat and spical every single one these clothes were together near the Railway position and put in the baskets. Thereafter, a 
was Mred and the articles were loaded. Ismail was requested by every of us to accompany it.

How we live without pleasure

 It was 
amusing to think it over Ismail in that maintain meeting in the front amongst a heap of articles. He looked like a individual 
who had entirely of late vacated his loft and was in search of a new one. We afterward purchased tickets «ril 
Shahahdara Bagh and followed him in a bus. 
Ours was a p a Hy of eleven boys. before long after our arrival on the premises of Jahangir's Tombj we 
felt as if we landed in the knees of Nature. The hard work lawns smilingly welcomed us to be their squattea 
for that afternoon. The a small amount birds celebrated our beginning with their musical songs. Flowerg, on in cooperation 
sides of the patch paths were every one of gay in our reception. For a time, we felt that a barely breathing in suich 
an not closed universe was greatly superior than being of kick in the crowded town of Lahore. 
"All effects are artificial, for kind is the painting of God. " 

Farasat followed by not compulsory that we be supposed to try to the stream and like a insignificant boating and dip till 
ow meals were cooked. His implication was hailed with joy. We entrusted all to the care of 
the boil and followed by we went out of the considerable Mstoric building. Crossing  · the Ravi Bridge, we hired two 
boats. To our imposing delight, Zulqamain and Ismail knew boating, equally person vigorous members of seminary 
Rowing Club. 
No quicker did our boats grasp the intermediate of the tributary than more or less of the boys took off their clothes 
about a district of an hour. Hashmi had the top figure maximum value of loading in his breath under water, 3 to 4 
minutes. every part of were at the present emotion tiresome and hung r).'It was with impediment that we rowed towards the 
In the meantime the cooL who happened to be skilled in his profession, had primed the meahi 
sat ring-shaped to complete ftM acceptability to the meal and fluit. we had the lot to om hearts'content, but calm a 14 
was saved. The bake was, therefore, allowable to isolated his be the owner of share, and share out the remnants to th¢ next a big cheese anticipated ascmding the minars of the tomb. But his offer was straight away tum« 
inclination to sit down on the meadow and exhibit a petite spot of chatting and singing. In their ecstasy, a little « 
them began to dance. Fawt was at that time requested to distinguish lls the funny tal € s. He narrated these tales in such I 
entertained us with Ms se»composed quick poems. His reading was frequmcy intercepted by'Mukarral. 


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